Great mystery games

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great mystery games

Do you want to feel like a modern day Sherlock Holmes? Then these modern mystery games for the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 3 will have. From Ace Attorney to The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, here are the best detective games and mystery games and series of all time. New and Trending. Top Sellers. Specials. New Releases. Browsing Mystery. $ Get Even. Action, Mystery, Psychological Horror, FPS. $ Kindergarten.


10 Best Conspiracy Games That Are Filled With Mystery

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Access Software With its sleazy jazz soundtrack, gritty monologues and trenchcoat-wearing hero, this is an unashamed homage to film noir—but set in Escape From Lost Island Try to stay alive in Escape from Lost Island, a thrilling account of one woman's courageous struggle. Game Top Free Games Daily Top PC Games Online Games Android Games Mac Games. But it is a great experience for those that like to explore and enjoy the scenery as much of the game requires the user to investigate all areas of the game. The story mirrors the film a little too closely, but McCoy does a lot more detecting than Deckard. great mystery games


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